Let’s start


I like to think that there is some energy around that guides us. I like it because it makes me feel that something is taking care of me, and I feel protected. Some post after this, when I am prepared to do it, I will tell you some things that will make you think -without a doubt- that there is something that takes care of me and protects me. Three years ago, I was with a friend, Valerie, in my house, Valerie, and talking about angels (Protectors). Suddenly, talk about what she repeated again and again “Juliana! You must write about yourself, your story, your daily life!” and I responded as I always respond when they tell me exactly the same thing: “mhm”
So I decided to start writing if I have some extra time. Here I am in bed because perhaps it is the only free moment I have. With Natasha (the cat who can’t walk) by my side, I am writing after a very difficult week, after a few months of losses, after a few days of crying, and after days of heavy work (well, those I have Cada dia). while In the background I listen to (I don’t see) Our Lovers (the movie Nuestro Amantes, the movie), hoping that while I write, beyond being a personal therapy, it is the way I can transmit to others as is the unusual life of a person who only has two things in his her head: that people stop abusing, abusing, enslaving, and killing animals and more; and the one that still sounds like a little girl, with a world full of justice for everyone (Kirsten’s note: Think about how to refine the last idea – make it more concrete and clear!). I will write maybe about animals, about me, about freedom, about justice, and about the most insane adventures, you could never imagine fitting in a woman of 1.58cm.!

And it is not that I think that I am interesting: I even have very low self-esteem. I think that there is nothing interesting inside of me, but it is that it is through me -and at the same time by ignoring myself- when people are going will intertwine and merge into a relationship with those who do not have the opportunity to “be friends” with those who many still see as food, with fantastic and silly animals who have in common the same wants and needs as many human beings: to live and to enjoy.
Let’s see how this is going. goes.